Sunday, January 12, 2003

Anyway the reason I've not posted anything here lately is because i) my computer died, and I lost everything on the hard drive ii) I have exams ii) this is a fairly accurate representation of the mental level I've been operating at lately:

thom jesus west: now listening to ROCKNROLL MOTHERFUCKER, by the D4
thom jesus west: It's possibly the most mediocre song ever recorded.
Harry Lime ARL: dillinger four?
thom jesus west: cover just sez D4.
thom jesus west: they're on my sister's record label haha
thom jesus west: = "record label she works as an accountant or whatevah for"
thom jesus west: They'e gonna give it to me like a rock and roll motherfucker, apparently, and there's nothing I can do.
thom jesus west: They're born to rock and roll, and there's nothing I can do, nothing I can do, oh no.
thom jesus west: Well, at least it finished quickly.
Harry Lime ARL: haha.
thom jesus west: the next track is called 'Party'.
Harry Lime ARL: allmusic
thom jesus west: "it's the weekend / come on / alright / party! / party!" this is the chorus.
thom jesus west: "party! (riff) party! (riff) par-ar-ty! (other riff)"
thom jesus west: God, I wish I had this kind of natural ease in songwriting.
Harry Lime ARL: I like how that implies that you already have a songwriting style. thom writes teh poetry
thom jesus west: haha the middle eight goes "party! (different riff) party! (riff)" then they go into the chorus.
thom jesus west: yes, thom = teh emo
thom jesus west: duh
Harry Lime ARL: TEEMO
thom jesus west: Yes, that D4. No dub versions, though. videos.
thom jesus west: This one is called "Come On!". I don't wanna.
thom jesus west: Oh god.
thom jesus west: let's see if you can guess how the chorus goes.
Harry Lime ARL: MA BELL!
thom jesus west: No. Good guess, though.
Harry Lime ARL: MA BELL!
thom jesus west: So singing "ma bell!" whenever they sing "Come on!" now.
thom jesus west: the next song is called PIRATE LOVE, and so has to be an improvement.
Harry Lime ARL: i should send you Get It Together by teh beasties.
thom jesus west: no you fucking shouldn't.
Harry Lime ARL: This one's actually good!
Harry Lime ARL: sorta.
Harry Lime ARL: no, really, it's good.
thom jesus west: Pirate Love has a nice swagger to it.
thom jesus west: amazon
thom jesus west: Apparently he wasn't going to give it to me like a rocknroll motherfucker, but to my sister and my brother.
thom jesus west: There must have been some misunderstanding.
thom jesus west: The chorus to Pirate Love does in fact include them yelling "Pirate Love!", which isn't so bad, because I'm so thinking of Peter Pan here.
thom jesus west: It's a Johnny Thunders song.
Harry Lime ARL: I think my mom banged Johnny Thunders.
thom jesus west: Dude.
Harry Lime ARL: okay, i don't want to think about it.
thom jesus west: I'm so making you a tee shirt with MY MOM BANGED JOHNNY THUNDERS on it for your next birthday.
Tatu - All The Things She Said

Monday, January 06, 2003

Tatu - All The Things She Said

The problem I have with this song (despite the fact that my younger 16-year-old sister plays it to represent her 'grunge phase') is that not only is the lesbian thing slammed in your face with the video, but they seem to find some cringeworthy compulsion to include the line "Coming over my face". Granted, its in reference to rain, but jeez, anyone can guess the ambiguity. Is it really necessary?

The difference between this and say, "Hitting my spot"/"Break down those walls" in 'Just A Little' is that the latter lines are delivered in a tongue-in-cheek, nod-nod-wink-wink way, whereas the lesbian song sounds like an enforced eroticism added by bigwigs, sniggering like pimply schoolkids at the girls' sexuality and marketing them like a modern-day, disposable 'Venus In Furs'.